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Personnel Office

Tel: 886-2-22722181ext.1504
Fax: 886-2-22722198
E-Mail: pso@ntua.edu.tw

Introduction -
The main duties of the Personnel Office are managing organization, appointment and dismissal, promotion of faculty and staff, dealing with salary scales, achievement, merits, transfers, benefits, training, leave of absence, insurance, retirement, welfare, pension and other personnel related matters.

The Staff of Personnel Office -

Titles Name Duty Email Phone No.
Director Chang , Ming-Hua Organizing the general personnel affairs lisa1990@ntua.edu.tw 2272-2033
ext 1500
Secretary Chan, Shu-Yuan 1.Verification of document
2.Management of the unit number
3.Management of the relative affairs concerning the president candidates
klcp1788@ntua.edu.tw ext1501
Senior Office Tong, Li-Chen 1.Management of the employment, termination of the employment and promotion, and in-service training for staff; grant of certificates for service and leave, etc.
2.Management of the staff appraisal, reward and punishment.
stella3053@ntua.edu.tw ext1502
Senior Administrative Clerk Lee,Shu-Hewing 1.Management of the employment, promotion and the examination of diploma for part time faculties; grant of certificates and maintenance of data base.
2.Labor insurance and retirement pension for part time faculties.
shweng@ntua.edu.tw ext1503
Senior Administrative Clerk Wu,Ti-Chin 1.Attendance management.
2.Management of the application of the abroad visiting for faculties.
wu1505@ntua.edu.tw ext1505
Senior Administrative Clerk

  1.Management of the employment, retirement, lay off, evaluation of contract personnel; submitting of in-service and leave certificate.
2.Management of the activities including annual gathering party, farewell party for retired personnel, etc.
Administrative clerk

Chen, Rui-Yi 1.Management of the chief candidates for academic units; administrative part time for faculties.
2.Retirement, comfort, conciliation, and lay off for faculties and staff; extended service for faculties and retirement pension, labor retirement pension and leave reserve fund.
mori@ntua.edu.tw ext1504
Administrative clerk

Wu, Chia-Ling 1.Management of document.
2.Management of identification card.
sylvia2628@ntua.edu.tw ext1506